• The NZ government procures $39 billion of goods and services every year

  • Businesses spend up to 10% of the contract value just responding to RFPs to compete for that work

  • $3.9 billion to do business with government is too much

  • We're on a mission to transform government market engagement

  • The equivalent of 709 jobs or 195,000 domestic flights

    Reducing the time it takes by 24 minutes for every week spent responding per business could make a $39 million difference

  • We asked, we listened, and this is what we learned

    Government needs

    • Quality responses that meet their needs
    • The ability to easily provide feedback
    • Confidence their process follows the rules
    • To avoid information liability risk
    • An easy to run RFP process

    Businesses need

    • Government RFP criteria to be clear
    • Timely, constructive feedback throughout the process
    • The ability to provide feedback without reputational risk
    • Confidence to compete for government business overseas
  • Our solution

    A web-based, mobile friendly, real-time feedback platform

    Meeting the needs of government:

    • The feedback loop provides an effective way of increasing the quality of RFP submissions.
    • Government agencies get the feedback they need to improve the RFPs they write.
    • Document queries can be channelled to the right place speeding up the time to respond.
    • The platform provides a path for better business engagement with government.
    • Feedback is shared as openly and transparently as possible to facilitate fairness in the RFP process.
    • Real-time feedback leads to a culture of continuous improvement.

    Meeting the needs of business:

    • Feedback from government comes as quickly as possible so the time wasted by business is minimised.
    • Feedback to government can be anonymous so business can avoid the negative reputation that could come from critical comments.
    • Feedback can be confidential so trade secrets and other confidential information isn’t shared publicly.
    • Feedback on draft responses helps businesses learn to write better responses.
    • Feedback helps businesses feel more engaged with government and that they feel that there is less of a barrier to writing responses.
  • What next?

    We are building the platform and testing out the idea in R9 Accelerator 2.0

    In the R9 Accelerator, we are:

    • Extending our market research. If you want to have your say, please connect with us using the form below.
    • Building the first version of the solution and 
    • Piloting the solution with real life tender processes and will iterate based on your feedback as we go. If you have a project that could be perfect for trialing this service, please contact us below.
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  • Who We Are

    3 strangers were brought together at Rev Up with a common goal, and as it turned out, complementary skill sets

    Catherine Taylor

    Chief Hustler and Visionary

    Catherine has projects, programme, account and stakeholder management experience with a clear understanding of the relationship between business requirements and technology to deploy innovative technology solutions that best serve client needs. 


    In her last role, she had to iterate and pivot the business model until the right product/market fit was reached, and she is looking forward to searching for a repeatable and scalable business model for this opportunity.

    Kurt Lenfesty

    Chief Hacker and Hustler

    Kurt has a wide range of interests that extend far beyond technology. He has learned that complexity is inherent in any system that involves people and any solution that involves people must take that complexity into account.


    Kurt has great technology skills developed through years of writing high- quality enterprise web-based production software. He has experienced the many iterative cycles of software development in terms of languages, tools, frameworks and methodologies.

    Samantha Bovey

    Chief Designer and Visionary

    Sam's entrepreneurial spirit and the bunch of experience she has responding to Government tenders from her years in sales roles meant she wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to be involved in making the RFP process better.


    On a daily basis she connects people and technology by creating enjoyable, effortless user experiences through good design and an iterative, engaging development process.

    Nat Dornan

    Chief Connector and Govt Expert

    Nat brings years of government experience in advisory, service design and project management roles.


    Nat knows the ins and outs of government policy and helps the Tender Chat team to connect with the people we can really make a difference to.



  • Get involved

    If you are a government agency that will be issuing a new tender in April 2016 and think it might be a good candidate for the Tender Chat pilot, let's chat about making your process easier!